Dr. Christian Schaefer (a.k.a. Schäfer)

(Diplom-Bioinformatiker Univ.)
Rostlab | Computer Science | Technical University Munich

Christian Schaefer
I left academia. Please do not contact me for open positions.
Find me now at LinkedIn or Xing.

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Summer term 2013:
Summer term 2012:
Winter term 2011/12:
Summer term 2011:
Winter term 2010/11:
Summer term 2010:
Supervised theses /
  • Vivien Klose, Master Thesis: Protein function prediction through gene ontology
  • Shen Wei, Bachelor Thesis: Extracting residues involved in binding from PDB
  • Peter Hoenigschmid, Master Thesis: DNA/RNA binding site prediction
  • Yannick Mahlich, Bachelor Thesis: Feature construction and selection for predicting structural change upon point mutation in proteins (done)
  • Alice Meier, Internship: Implementation of a web frontend for the access of a SNP-to-phenotype database
  • Peter Hoenigschmid, Internship: Reimplementation of PROFPhd (done)
  • Manfred Roos, Internship: In-silico mutagenesis of all human proteins using SNAP



04/2010 -09/2013:Research scientist, Technical University Munich, Germany
04/2009 -04/2010:Research scientist, Columbia University, New York City, USA
10/2003 -10/2008:University studies of Bioinformatics in Munich, Germany
German diploma degree (high distinction), M.Sc. equiv.
Thesis at German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) Heidelberg, Supervisors: Dr. Michael Pawlita (DKFZ), Prof. Dr. Stefan Kramer (TUM)
(Antibody patterns in H.pylori infection and associated gastric carcinoma)

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